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Over the next few years Al Hopwood will be painting a full deck of 52 playing cards in their 'reverse colour'. On receiving an order he'll pick a card at random from a shuffled deck and keep going until the deck is complete. The series is inspired by a 1949 psychology experiment by Bruner and Postman called ‘On the Perception of Incongruity: A Paradigm’.  ⠀

Each painting is a one-off unique work. The ‘digital’ aspect of the watercolour means it's hand-painted on an iPad Pro, in software that mimics the process of watercolour painting - its illusory quality was perfect for the series. If you purchase through the online shop you will receive the next randomly selected card within 2 weeks of ordering.

Misdirection Series: Reverse Colour Cards

  • Misdirection Series: Reverse Colour Cards, 2021⠀
    Digital watercolour on Permajet Museum Heritage (310gsm)⠀
    29.7 x 21 cms ⠀

    These are examples of paintings from the series. On ordering you will join the purchasers list and be assigned a card drawn at random from a shuffled deck of playing cards. For further information please see the description below. 

  • The work will be sent direct from Al Hopwood's studio within 30 days of order. 

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