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Erased UFOs - A collection of found UFO images with all evidence of the UFOs removed, pres


I am an experienced mentor for artists and creative professionals at all stages of their career. I encourage my mentees to be bold and take creative risks, supporting them on their journey to be the best they can be. As well as nurturing creativity, I’m also drawn to the tangible. This means my mentoring style is the opposite of wishful thinking. Instead, I provide creative support and full disclosure – think funding secrets, practical advice, network building and skill sharing. I’m not interested in imposing my way of working on my mentees – instead I help you find your own path with advice drawn from 25 years of experience in the art world. 

Our Services

"The thing is people can hear us, and some listen to us, but not many are able to dissect your creative capacity and personality. I was just shocked at how well Al understood my process and my journey in such a short time. It left me speechless but also so grateful to have met him. Every minute we spent working together was gold. He was masterful at making the most of my time and just bringing out the heart of what I needed. Also, every recommendation or proposal Al made, was fruitful. It was just amazing how this one person could dramatically change so many things in my career. I am so ever thankful to him for his time, input and empathy. Thank you Al!"

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